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Birzeit's consulting practice is dedicated to assisting our clients in addressing the host of challenges faced by many growth-oriented organizations. We pride ourselves on applying innovative solutions that are practical and deliver the desired results. Our most fundamental premise is that we are in the business of adding value to our clients through development and deployment of effective solutions to  business challenges our clients engage us to address in any of the following fields:


1- Anti Fraud and Forensic

2- Internal Control

3- Due Diligence
















Anti Fraud and Forensic


White-collar criminals don’t use violence or threats to break the law. Opportunity, deception, concealment and the violation of trust are the tools of their trade.


To fight back against this type of thief, a background in auditing, accounting, criminology, law and business/financial investigation and analysis is required. Forensic accounting not only draws upon these necessary skills but also demands creativity. It takes the ability to develop fresh approaches, look beyond the numbers, find underlying facts and fill in the blanks when the figures are missing.


The Certified Anti-Corruption Managers (CACMs), the Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) and the Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) of Birzeit Consulting offer a broad range of fraud and forensic services to help you deal with these times of adversity. If a fraud, corruption or theft has been committed, it is important for you to know the extent of it, how it was perpetrated, who the involved parties are, opportunities for recovery and how to prevent a recurrence in the future.


Even if there is no suspicion that any wrongdoing has occurred, Birzeit Consulting can help your organization conduct a proactive, operational review in order to determine that the existing policies, procedures and internal controls are functioning properly and, for the most part, are adequate to control the risks and concerns of your organization. Our accredited members of The American Anti-Corruption Institute, The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants have the experience and expertise to assist you under a variety of circumstances:




   Occupational fraud and abuse


   Financial statement fraud


   Corporate fraud


   Computer systems


Financial Recovery:


   Recovering the proceeds of fraud


   Locating hidden assets


   Theft/diversion of inventory


   Tracing illicit funds


Fraud Prevention:


   Fraud prevention check-up


   Fraud internal controls evaluation, design, and audit


Globally preferred by individuals, businesses and government entities around the world, the CACM and CFE designations are premier anti-fraud and anti-corruption professional certifications. As such, our anti fraud and forensic services specialists have attained the highest level of skill in the investigation, detection and prevention of fraudulent activities. Birzeit Consulting has CACMs and CFEs in several of our offices in the Middle East who can competently work with you and manage the complexities inherent in the anti-fraud / corruption processes.


Our CACM and CFE professionals are qualified to provide forensic services to:




Attorneys, Prosecutors


Insurance companies




Information technology companies


Nonprofit organizations


Business owners


Healthcare organizations


Regulatory agencies


Business brokers


Governmental entities


Financial institutions


Governmental agencies:


Our experts are highly qualified professionals who have extensive international expertise in anti fraud and forensic services provide customized anti fraud and forensic solutions to the following governmental agencies:


Anti Corruption Commission


State Audit Bureau


Central Bank


Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs)




Internal Control


The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) defines internal control as follows:


"Internal control is broadly defined as a process, effected by an entity's board of directors, management and other personnel, designed to provide reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of objectives in the following categories:


1- Effectiveness and efficiency of operations

2-Reliability of financial reporting

3- Compliance with applicable laws and regulations"


What Internal Control Can Do


Internal control can help an entity achieve its performance and profitability targets, and prevent loss of resources. It can help ensure reliable financial reporting. And it can help ensure that the enterprise complies with laws and regulations, avoiding damage to its reputation and other consequences. In sum, it can help an entity get to where it wants to go, and avoid pitfalls and surprises along the way.


What Makes Us Market Leaders


It is our belief that internal control must differ from one entity to another since people, who are the major player of any internal control system, and organizational cultures differ. Thus, the DNA of an entity is its internal control systems. It is impossible to have two identical internal control systems in two different entities. Management is always responsible to establishing, implement and maintain adequate internal control systems. However, as change happens every day in any entity’s operations, management is responsible for keeping up with trends both within their organizations and in relation to global best practices.


Based on the internal control principles of the COSO, the relevant literature of the business schools of Harvard, Princeton, and other reputable research centers in the USA, we developed our own toolkits to address each aspect of the internal control systems of any entity; for-profit; non-profit and government. In addition, we integrated the information theory and information technology in our approach.


Internal Control


We use a principle-based, risk-based, and a process-based approach and we deliver our consulting services in accordance to the following categories:


1- Evaluate and assess the design and operation of internal control systems

2- Design Internal control systems

3- Oversea the implementation of internal control systems

4- Maintain (audit) the internal control systems




Due Diligence


In today’s business climate, it is important to have the best, most accurate information at your fingertips. Information that will help guide you in making the best decisions as you move forward.


When you are dealing with delicate business matters, the data you can glean from the traditional sources, as well as the information overload that is the Internet, may not be enough.


Sometimes things go awry and it becomes essential to find assets that may be lost or hidden. It requires a deft touch to locate assets that may be anywhere in this or other countries. We have the touch. Business is conducted on a global scale these days and the people and companies you do business with may not be as transparent and straightforward as they should be. It is important to understand all aspects of any business relationship. Increasingly, thorough due diligence is a necessary requirement of every business deal.







We empower those charged with governance, management, and personnel to be in control


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